Job Description

Will Supervise most elements of the District accounting system for payroll accounting.

Will assume the responsibility for all payroll information necessary for input to the Maricopa County Schools Office using CIMS>

Will process personnel and pay action requests and accounts payable requisitions or vouchers.

Will account for sick leave and vacation leave for all District employees and will notify supervisors of any needed paperwork. Annually, will notify District employees of accrued sick, personal, and vacation leave.

Will maintain salary records for all District employees including payroll deduction authorizations.

Will supervise quarterly reports on State and Federal withholding taxes, Department of Economic Security and Social Security.

Will supervise the processing of any request from the County Treasurer's Office, State Retirement System, Social Security, etc.

Will set up payroll deductions for all fringe benefits such as tax sheltered annuities, credit union, professional dues, etc.

Will monitor monthly accounting of all District expenditures.

Assists in maintaining a continuous internal auditing program for all funds.

Prepares periodic reports for the Director concerning the status of payroll to guard against over expenditure of any budgeted accounts.

Will make recommendations for new accounting methods as desirable and necessary.

May perform any other job related tasks upon request of supervisor.

Will work 8 hours per day; 12 months per year.

Performance on this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of Board Policy on the evaluation of classified personnel.

Application Instructions

A Murphy Elementary School District No. 21 Application is required to apply.
You may download one below or contact Tiffany Johnson, Human Resources Manager, Murphy Elementary School District No. 21, Administrative Center, 2615 W Buckeye Rd, Phoenix AZ 85009. Or phone 602-353-5005 or fax 602-353-5081.


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